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Stara Breza, is located in the heart of the Region of Liptov, part of northern Slovakia. The accommodation can be found right in the center of a small village Smrecany, surrounded by beautiful nature enviroment. Because of its location and surroundings, it´s an ideal place for your holiday in Slovakia. We offer comfortable housing with a touch of history for a max of 5. At your disposal there is 1 double room, one room with 2 seperate beds and a convertible sofa, kitchen, bathroom, cable tv and a wifi network. In addition to the central heating system, you can also enjoy 2 original fireplaces. Lovers of the traditional village life will surely enjoy their stay at Stara Breza.

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The Region of Liptov

Slovakia in its northern part hides the beautiful Region of Liptov which is Slovakia´s Top tourist destination. Liptov offers great activites and relax throughout the whole year. During the winter season there are Slovakia´s Top Ski Resort Jasna Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras), Aquapark Tatralandia or Gino Paradise Besenova. At Jasna Nizke Tatry, right under Mt. Chopok, you can find 3O cableways and lifts, 49 km of slopes, night skiing or Freeride zones. If you´re looking for a smaller family friendly Ski Resort, then Ski centrum Ziar Dolinky, only 3 km from The Old Birch is the perfect solution. After skiing when tired, visit Aquapark Tatralandia with its 14 pools, 26 water slides and wellness center. Once at Liptov, don´t forget to visit Demanovska caves which are part of the mountain chain Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras).

Great hiking opportunities awaiting

Western Tatras, only 5 minutes away from Stara Breza are in the vicinity of High Tatras and they are part of the Tatra National Park. Hikers will for sure love Western Tatras, as they offer countless hiking trails, beautiful views and untouched nature. The highest peak in the Western Tatras is Bystra - 2 248 meters above sea level. Baranec, which you will have a chance to see from our backyard is 2 184 meters above sea level and Baníkov, the highest peak of the main ridge is 2 178 meters above sea level. A little further to the south, you will find the Low Tatras whose highest peak is Dumbier - 2043 meters above sea level. Once in Low Tatras, certainly do not forget to visit Demanovske caves. A cave system with a total length of more than 24 km. If you go to the east, you will surely not miss Slovakia´s highest mountains the High Tatras – an extraordinary mountain range with alpine character whose main range is 26 km long. The highest peak of the High Tatras and Slovakia itself is Gerlach – 2 654 meters above sea level. High Tatras offer with up to 29 peaks exceeding the height of 2 500 meters. Whether you visit us with your family, friends or children, our beautiful mountains will love everyone!


Slovakia´s world-class skiing

Try the best Ski Resorts in Slovakia! The Region of Liptov has Ski Resorts for everyone. Whether you are with friends, family or an expert, the possibilities are endless. Slovakia´s biggest and best Ski Resort is only a 25 minute drive from Stara Breza. Jasna Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras) as a Top Ski Resort offers 30 cableways and lifts, 49 km of slopes and world–class service. A 35 minute drive east will get you to Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras) where the most beautiful skiing experience is awaiting. High Tatras with its 3 Ski Resorts Tatranska Lomnica, Strbske Pleso and Stary Smokovec have altogether 24 km of slopes and 20 cableways and lifts. In case you´re looking for something a bit smaller, only 3 km from the accommodation right under the mountain chain Zapadne Tatry there is Ski Centrum Ziar Dolinky. This Ski Resort is suitable for families and offers 2 lifts on two slopes. A bit further, in the village of Zavazna Poruba is another Ski Center – Ski Opalisko with 4 lifts and 1 cableway. On the northern slopes of Low Tatras there is yet another Ski Center – Ski Javorovica.

Ski resorts at the palm of your hand

Try the best Ski Resorts in Slovakia! The Region of Liptov has Ski Resorts for everyone. Whether you are with friends, family or an expert, the possibilities are endless.

Ski resorts
Ski centrum Žiar - Dolinky   5 min. 2 2
Jasná Nízke Tatry 25 min. 5 8 18 41
Vysoké Tatry - Štrbské pleso 35 min. 3 4 13
Vysoké Tatry - Tatranská Lomnica 40 min. 3 4 13
Ski Opalisko 10 min. 1 4 5
Ski Javorovica 10 min. 4 5


At your disposal is the entire house, accommodation offers 4 beds and 1 convertible sofa. Reservation is possible for 1 up to 5 guests. Prices are subject to change. For booking please fill in our Reservation Form, call us or write us an email. We´re here for you. For a confirmation of your Reservation, we will kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 30% of the total price. Changes may apply. All prices are VAT excl.

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November 2019 - March 2020 Closed due to reconstruction

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